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  • Here you are our courses in Utila Dive Center


    Often imitated, never surpassed!


PADI Rebreather Open Water certification

This course qualifies you to dive independently with either another rebreather or open circuit diver, to a depth of 18 meters/60 feet and within no decompression limits, and to be able to safely bail out to open circuit at any time. 

Knowledge development takes place through independent study and Instructor led prescriptive teaching, practical sessions in unit assembly and dive checks, and the course includes 6 training dives with a minimum time on the unit of 200 minutes and in-water skills cover clearing a flooded loop, monitoring heads-up display (HUD) and electronics, buoyancy and trim, switching to bail out, alternate air source use with another rebreather diver, and deploying a submersible marker buoy.

The PADI Rebreather Diver course goals are:

  • Prepare and predive check a Type R rebreather following accepted practices and the specific manufacturer's requirements for the unit.
  • Dive with a Type R rebreather demonstrating effective buoyancy control, depth and time management and generally effective application of the dive skills taught in the course, or prerequisite to the course.
  • Perform post dive care and maintain a Type R rebreather following accepted practices and specific manufacturer requirements for the unit.
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to problems and emergencies that occur during setup, diving or post dive.


PADI CCR, Open Water rebreather, Poseidon MKVI, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
PADI Poseidon MKVI Rebreather courses, Utila

Course Time: 3 days

Price: $549-899



For all recreational reservations we request a $200 dollar deposit + 6% Paypal fee = $212 (for professional training please contact us for reservations). This partial payment will ensure your accommodation (in a dorm at the Mango Inn), materials and course will be reserved for you when you arrive.

PayPal is one option for paying for your deposit or your entire bill online. For Hondurans, another is to make a deposit at a local Credomatic or Banco Atlantida bank branch within Honduras.

Either way you can pay for your course costs, accommodation and deposit using one of these methods prior to your visit to Utila. Please bear in mind there is an 4% surcharge on credit cards in Honduras.

For packages and some special offers, full payment must be completed prior to the start of the course.

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Email for recreational courses: reservations@utiladivecenter.com
Email for professional training: gopro@utiladivecenter.com

Pro Course Packages (with Estimated Living Costs)

From / To Divemaster IDC / EFR Inst. IDC / EFRI /

7-8 weeks


Total: $4157 


6 ½ months


Total: $10,612

7-8 months



8 ½ - 9 months


Total: $14,675

Open Water $1833
6-7 weeks


Total: $3533

8 weeks


Total: $6163

9-13 weeks


Total: $8381

4 months



Advanced Open Water $1524
4-5 weeks


Total: $2524

7 weeks



8-12 weeks


Total: $7872

15 weeks


Total: $9641

Rescue $1212
2-4 weeks



6 weeks



7-11 weeks



14 weeks



Divemaster N/A $2975
2 weeks



3-7 weeks



10 weeks




  • GoPro 4.0 and we'll offer you sidemount training, both diver & Instructor level for a special price

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